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COVID-19 - ACC Status Update - May 5, 2020

By The Alberta Champions Cup, 05/05/20, 2:45PM MDT








Please note that the following is a copy of the communication sent to the primary team contacts of applicable teams on the date noted below. Certain attachments and hyperlinks to connected forms has been unlinked from the publicly posted copy below to consolidate our direct communications to the intended primary team contacts.

May 5, 2020

To our teams,


I hope this update finds everyone safely and in good health. This is a follow up update from our last announcement on April 22, 2020, for team(s) registered in the Alberta Champions Cup (“ACC”). The purpose of this message is announce an option for teams to accept a voluntary credit in lieu of refunds on their registration fees as well as to provide an updated timeline for the next steps in the process.


I) Voluntary Credit Offer In lieu of Refund

To start, I would like to emphasize that the following option is completely voluntary and is up to team managers should they choose to accept the offer on behalf of their team(s), respectively. We wanted to extend this offer, as we understand that a credit for future use is only valuable to select teams and/or programs, and for every team that accepts the following offer it will inherently increase the pool available to provide refunds to teams that are not able to make use of a future credit in the same manner. As such, if your team is in a position where you would be interested in accepting a credit for future use instead of a refund of your registration fees, we are prepared to offer a voluntary credit, which will be valued as follows:

  • Base Value: Equal to the amount paid for your team(s) 2020 registration, plus;
  • Bonus Value: Equal to 25% of the Base Value.
  • Terms & Conditions: All credit values are stated in Canadian dollars and do not expire. Credits may be used towards registration fees in any future event managed by Chance Consulting Group (The Alberta Champions Cup & Stampede Challenge). Credits are valid on all forms of registration (Super Early Bird, Early Bird, Installment, and Regular). Credits cannot be combined with other credits or discounts such as Returning Team or Multiple Team Discounts.
  • Example: For example, if a team has paid $2,000.00 for its registration in the 2020 ACC, by accepting the Voluntary Credit Offer, they would receive a credit valued at $2,500.00 ($2,000.00 Base Value + $500.00 Bonus Value). Furthermore, when registering for 2021, if the total cost amounts to $2,000.00, the remaining $500.00 can be used towards registering in another future event managed by Chance Consulting Group.

Teams who are interested in accepting the Voluntary Credit Offer are asked to complete the offer form by May 11, 2020. Teams who do elect to accept the Voluntary Credit Offer will be notified by email with the total value of the credit as well as the Coupon Code to use in order to claim the credit in the future. Conversely, if your team is not interested in the voluntary credit offer, there is no action required on your part.


II) Payee Information & Mailing Address for Offline Registrations

Tomorrow morning, teams who did not register through SportsEngine will be receiving an email to provide the payee information and mailing address of where refund cheques are to be mailed to. If your team elects to accept the Voluntary Credit Offer (outlined above), please disregard tomorrows email.

If you do not receive an email tomorrow morning it will be because your team registered and paid through SportsEngine, in which case your teams refunds will be processed through SportsEngine in order to receive a refund on the processing fees that were charged by SportsEngine at the time of registration.

If your team registered through SportsEngine and would like to receive your refund by cheque instead, please call +1-833-242-6231 ext. 1 a leave us a message indicating your request and a number to best reach you at to confirm the details of your request.


III) Updated Timeline of Next Steps

To help consolidate and add transparency to our communications, we have also created a COVID-19 specific webpage, which includes all past announcements sent to team managers as well as the below timeline of the next steps in the process. We will continue to communicate directly with the primary team contacts through each step in the process, but we encourage teams to share the below link with their respective parent groups, so that they too can be kept up-to-date as to where everything is at in the process. Please note, that all dates stated within the ‘Upcoming Announcements’ section of the webpage and below are based off our current projections, which are subject to change. Any changes to the expected dates will be reflected on the webpage as they become known.

Direct Link:


Upcoming Announcements:

  • Payee & Mailing InformationExpected Release May 6, 2020

As stated within ‘Section II’ of this announcement, the payee & mailing information request will only be sent out to teams whose registration fees were not paid through SportsEngine. All registrations paid through SportsEngine will be refunded through SportsEngine and all registrations not paid through SportsEngine will be refunded by Cheque.

  • Invitation to Join The ACC Trivia ChallengeExpected Release May 8, 2020

Please CLICK HERE and refer to the last section of the linked announcement for details on the Trivia Challenge, which was included in our April 22, 2020 announcement.

  • First Tranche of Refund Payments IssuedExpected Release May 11, 2020

Since teams registered in the 2020 ACC have paid varying registration amounts, the amount to be refunded on the first tranche will be in proportion to what has been paid to date and the total funds available to be refunded on the first tranche. The amount will also be dependant on the number of teams who elect to accept the Voluntary Credit Offer outlined in ‘Section I’ of this announcement.

  • Second Tranche of Refund Payments IssuedExpected Release Late May 2020
  • Involuntary Credits for Un-Refunded Fees Issued Expected Release June 2020

Any remaining amounts due will be converted into a credit for future use. The terms and conditions of the ‘Involuntary Credit Offer’ will be identical to what has been stated in ‘Section I’ of this announcement, excluding the 25% bonus value, which is only available to teams who pre-emptively accept the ‘Voluntary Credit Offer’.




(signed) "Matthew R. Strong"

Matthew R. Strong

President, Chance Consulting Group