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COVID-19 - ACC Status Update - May 13, 2020

By The Alberta Champions Cup, 05/13/20, 7:15AM MDT








Please note that the following is a copy of the communication sent to the primary team contacts of applicable teams on the date noted below. Certain hyperlinks to connected forms has been unlinked from the publicly posted copy below to consolidate our direct communications to the intended primary team contacts.


May 13, 2020

To our teams,


As always, I hope this update finds everyone safely and in good health. This announcement is to follow up on our last communications dated May 5 & May 6, 2020, respectively. You are receiving this email as you are listed as one of the primary contact(s) for a team or team(s) registered in the Alberta Champions Cup (“ACC”).


I) Thank You – Voluntary Credit Acceptors

Despite the obvious hardship that is pressed upon us during times such as this, the influx of individuals and communities finding ways to help support one another during this pandemic is an uplifting and encouraging positive to arise from an otherwise sullen situation. These acts of kindness come in many forms, all worthy of recognition, as they serve to highlight the compassion, support and selflessness that exists around us. With that, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the team managers and their parent groups who accepted the voluntary credit offer in lieu of a refund on their 2020 registration fees. Your decision to accept our voluntary credit offer not only helps us, as tournament organizers, in managing and navigating an unprecedented situation, but it also helps support the programs, teams and families who are not in a position to accept our offer by increasing the proportion that is available to be refunded to them.


If your team’s situation has changed and/or if your team is still interested in accepting our Voluntary Credit Offer, please CLICK HERE to complete the offer acceptance form. The voluntary credit received will equal your team’s registration fee(s) paid to date, less any amounts refunded on the first tranche of refunds, plus a 25% bonus. All voluntary credits are issued on behalf of Chance Consulting Group. All credit values are stated in Canadian dollars and do not expire. Credits may be used towards registration fees in any future event managed by Chance Consulting Group (The Alberta Champions Cup & Stampede Challenge). Credits are valid on all forms of registration (Super Early Bird, Early Bird, Installment, and Regular). Credits cannot be combined with other credits or discounts such as Returning Team or Multiple Team Discounts.


II) First Tranche of Refund Payments Issued

As per the announcement dated May 5, 2020, the first tranche of refunds was processed and issued beginning May 11, 2020. I would like to once again reiterate that the refund amount each team receives is proportionate to what each team has paid to date and the total funds available to be refunded on the first tranche.


  • Cheque Refunds – Payee Information Form Completed: As per the announcement dated May 6, 2020, teams who did not pay through SportsEngine (Offline Registrations), will be issued refunds by Cheque. All teams whose manager and/or primary contact have completed and submitted the Payee Information form that was emailed to them on May 6, 2020, were mailed a cheque for the first refund tranche on May 11, 2020. Due to potential mail service disruptions as a result of COVID-19, please allow a few extra days for your team’s refund cheque to arrive.


  • Cheque Refunds – Payee Information Form Not Completed: Managers and/or primary contacts of team’s whom we have yet to receive a Payee Information form response can access the form below. These managers and/or primary team contacts will also be receiving a follow up email requesting for them to complete the payee information form. Please note that this form must be completed before refund cheques can be mailed.


To complete/access the payee information form, please CLICK HERE.

Managers and/or primary contacts can confirm if a response has been received for their team by accessing the above link. If “(Payee Info Received)” is listed next to your team’s name, then a response has been received and a refund cheque was mailed to the provided address on May 11, 2020. If “(Payee Info Received)” is not listed next to your team’s name, please complete and submit a response accordingly.


  • SportsEngine Refunds: Unless requested otherwise, teams who registered and paid through SportsEngine will receive the first refund tranche to the credit card listed on their registration profile, respectively. Once 90 days have passed from the date of registration, SportsEngine does not permit us to process refunds manually ourselves. After 90 days refunds can only be processed by SportsEngines accounting function. As such, the listing of 129 teams to be refunded through SportsEngine was sent to our Account Manager on May 11, 2020, who informed us that all refunds will be processed effective today (May 13, 2020). Once processed, refunds can take up to 7 business days to arrive on the credit card holders account. As such, if you have not seen a refund come through by the end of next week, please:

1) Log into your SportsEngine profile and verify that the credit card number listed in your profile is accurate.

2) If the credit card information is not accurate, please update and save the correct credit card information on your SportsEngine profile. Once updated please call +1-833-242-6231 ext. 1 and leave us a message detailing your issue and a number to best reach you at.

3) If the credit card information is accurate, please call 1-833-242-6231 ext. 1 and leave us a message and a number to best reach you at.


III) Communication of Updates Reminder

To help consolidate and manage our communications, we are currently only communicating and responding directly to the primary contacts of each registered team. As a result, there have been several voicemails/emails/direct messages that have been received but have unfortunately gone unanswered. Due to limited staffing resources, I regrettably do not have the capacity to dedicate the time that is required (and deserved) to respond to each inquiry individually, as doing so would almost certainly delay, if not prevent, me from completing administrative work that is necessary to continue with both the refund process as well as searching/applying for financial assistance/relief options. As such, I would like to once again request that team managers and/or primary contacts share our COVID-19 specific webpage with their respective parent groups, so that they too can be kept up to date with our communications.


The COVID-19 webpage includes verbatim copies of all communications sent out to primary contacts – however certain links to forms that are to be completed by the primary team contacts only have been removed/redacted). The webpage also features a timeline for when future announcements can be expected, which is updated/adjusted whenever further information is known. To view our COVID-19 webpage, simply go to the Alberta Champions Cup homepage and click on the COVID-19 heading or use the direct URL link below.

Direct Link:


IV) The Inaugural Alberta Champions Cup Trivia Challenge Tournament Invitation

Following this announcement, the primary contacts for all teams registered in the since cancelled 2020 Alberta Champions Cup will be receiving an email e-invitation to join The Inaugural Alberta Champions Cup Trivia Challenge Tournament (COVID-19 Edition), which is open for all teams/players to participate. In addition to the information required from teams and players interested in participating, the e-invitation will also outline the details and format of the Trivia Tournament – which will allow players to still compete together as a team, but from a safe social distance (Home) on their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Results of the Trivia Tournament will be posted on the Alberta Champions Cup website, just as actual on-ice game results have been in the past. However, there are no age-based divisions for the Trivia Tournament – all teams will participate in a single bracket style tournament, which means, for the first time in the history of The Alberta Champions Cup, there will be only one team crowned as Champion! Please keep an eye out for the invitation to follow!





(signed) "Matthew R. Strong"

Matthew R. Strong

President, Chance Consulting Group