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ACC Trivia Challenge | Sign Up Now Open!

By The Alberta Champions Cup, 05/15/20, 9:30PM MDT






May 15, 2020

After missing out on what would have been a great weekend, the Alberta Champions Cup has decided to reboot everyone's competitive side which has been neglected for far too long by hosting a Trivia Tournament! Though battling it out on the ice is always preferred, we thought we'd still give the kids a way to figure out who's #1 by testing their hockey knowledge! If you want to get straight to it just review the "Rules" and "Instructions" recap found below, and if you need more clarity dive into the "Details" section found at the bottom!



  • Registrations will be as a team, and although it would be great for spring hockey teammates to all join together, it is not required. Your Trivia teams can also include siblings and friends as well!
  • You will indicate what ACC team you are representing when registering but will have the option to choose a new (family friendly) team name for your Trivia team (if you'd like). Spring hockey teammates can also choose to split up into multiple Trivia teams - The only requirement is that each Trivia team must have a minimum of 5 players participating per round. If less than 5 players participate in any given round, your team's score will not be counted.
  • Each round will include 10 questions of varying topics and include multiple choice and TRUE/FALSE questions.
  • A link to access the quiz and password for the link will be sent out to participating players emails the morning of the quiz.
  • Players will have between 12:00pm and 12:00am MST to complete the quiz.
  • The quiz will need to be completed within the time frame of 5 minutes. Time starts once player information is filled out on the contact page of the quiz.
  • Each player will have one attempt.
  • The quiz must be completed in one sitting with no option to save and finish later.
  • Each player’s score will count towards their team average. The team average will be used to determine the overall teams score.
  • Teams with the highest average score in each round will move onto the next round until there is 1 winner!
  • In the case of a tie, the team with the fastest average completion time will move on to the next round.


  • Register your team on or before May 23rd, which can be done by simply filling out this form Click Here
  • Include all required information for each player who is participating (minimum 5 players per team)
  • Starting Monday, May 25th, every email address registered (participating players) per the above google registration form will be emailed the quiz link and password.
  • This link will only be active from 12:00pm – 12:00am MST on May 25th, and must be completed by players during that time. Please fill out all required information at the start of the quiz.
  • Results of which teams made it through to the next round will be posted on Tuesday, May 26th by 11:00pm MST.
  • Advancing teams will be emailed the second quiz link and password on Wednesday, May 27th and then the same process as above will occur.



If your team would like to sign up, please enter the information required into the Google form linked here: Click Here. Please sign up on this form on or before May 23rd, 2020 in order to be registered for the trivia tournament. You will need your team name, division, the name of the players who will be participating, their email address and the team coaches/managers name and email. Player/parent email addresses are required as this is how we will be sending out the link to the trivia game as well as the password for the quiz. When registering, please enter each player's Name and email in the contact information section. We ask that there is a minimum of 5 players per team to sign up. Teams with less than 5 players will be disqualified.   


The trivia tournament will be run tournament style where each team will compete against another until there is 1 overall winner! The layout and progression of the tournament will be uploaded onto the Alberta Champions Cup website after results come in from each round of play (the link to this page will be sent out after the first round of play). Each round of trivia will include 10 multiple choice or true/false questions on various topics. Due to the different sizes of teams, we will be taking average scores on each team to determine who moves forward.

There will be one day between each trivia round to ensure all data is collected and scores are properly input. Once this occurs, we will upload the information on the Alberta Champions Cup website with the teams that will be moving forward to the next round and so on. It is the team's responsibility to check this during the course of the trivia tournament.

In the morning of each scheduled trivia round, the link to access the trivia game and password for the round will be sent out to participants' emails (this needs to be included in the google form upon registering).  Each trivia game will need to be completed that day between 12:00pm and 12:00am MST. After this time, the link will no longer be valid for use. Each round is timed, each participant will have 5 minutes to complete the 10-question quiz (30 seconds per question) and must complete the quiz in one sitting (no option to save and come back later). Further, there is only 1 attempt allowed per participant.

Upon entering the quiz, each participant will be asked for their name and email address as well as to select their team name/division from the listing. Please note that the email address entered here must be the same as the one on the registration document. After this information is collected, the trivia questions will begin! We wish your teams good luck and hope that there is a high participation in this activity. Once again, please register for this on or before May 23rd, 2020. The rules are recapped above will also be sent out when game links are sent as a reminder!


If you have any questions or concerns about the trivia game specifically, please contact Tessa Michaels at or at +1 (833)-242-6231 Ext. 703